Warby Parker is an American retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses based in New York City, which started as an online startup in 2010 and today is one of the most innovative companies with more than 75 stores across US and Canada.
For this project, we designed the evergreen packaging, including the box, case, insert card, gift card and the cleaner lenses kit among others. We added a third color to the brand, the navy, but we kept the Warby Blue as a quirck surprise.
For special occasions, such as holidays or collaborations, the packaging can be switched and be more fun and playful.


Evergreen Packaging
Creative Director: Andy Gray
Art Direction & Design: Clara Cassinello
Typography: Utopia & Proxina Nova
Freelance and In house Project
Holidays and Collab packaging
Creative Director: Suzi Jones
Art Direction & Design: Georgina Rex & Clara Cassinello
Typography: Utopia & Proxina Nova
In house Project